Johnstone is situated 12 miles outside Glasgow in Renfrewshire and has an estimated population of 68,142. The origin of the name 'Johnstone' is not present in any past records. The earliest map of Scotland drawn about 1590 shows the name 'Ihonstoun', a possible spelling variation. Johnstone Silver Band was formed in 1834 by workers in the local textile mills. At that time Johnstone and Paisley were second only to the North of England in the manufacture and processing of cotton. At this time the workers were keen to take up music as a new leisure pursuit. By the 1850's the Johnstone Brass Band as they were known, were only one of about nine bands that existed within a six mile radius. They are of course all gone now some along with the mills and engineering works that died away at the turn of the century and some as a result of the ravages of two world wars. Johnstone were the only band to survive. In 2009, the Band celebrated its 175th Aniversary.


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